Another evening

Spatial installation, video 8’32’’

Fear is often associated with certain behavior of fight and avoidance, while the anxiety works as a consequence of threats we feel as unavoidable and see as uncontrollable. Fear is almost always about future events, like the worsening of one’s
situation or the continuation of an unbearable situation. Anxiety is the feeling of uncertainty, of expecting something bad to happen, without a real outside reason. This project continues to explore the everyday habits and patterns of behavior, now including anxiety and fear.
The visual image of fireworks evokes pleasure and joy of celebration, while the audio effects of explosions, an everyday part of life in various war zones, create the effect of fear. The spatial installation evokes the state of anxiety where the question of safe ty is constantly at odds with the individual’s experiences and memory. Should I enjoy freely these visual images or should I rather confront the anxiety of others as they are re-living their fears and anxieties in this exact moment?