Between the Lines

Spatial installation, pencil, paper, various sizes, sound 60’

At the moment we find ourselves answerless in the face of circumstances we are incapable of confronting, we tend to make demands of others. If we follow Bojana Kunst, a possible answer lies in the paradox that the artist personifies the ideal of the post-Fordist worker that produces using cognitive and affective powers in flexible working conditions without separating between work and free time. The position of the artist in the production process is a central focus of the project. Paradoxically, the artist as the ideal paradigm of post-Fordist dreams on infinite flexibility realised by exploiting the creative, affective and cognitive abilities of individuals becomes the person that is most often excluded from the economy that it embodies so exemplarily.

This project is about the idea of spare time, which has been most commonly associated with the idea of freedom. However, from the point of view of neoliberal capitalism, spare time is committed to unfreedom and recognized as a field that has no limits as to its economic exploitation. The recurring graphite tracks: lines, boundaries, limited by the space alotted to the staff and by the duration of the musical piece, are acts of a process the artist used to time and space track his life and work. His work focuses on the relationship between work time and spare time from the point of view of daily work of a worker practicing art. I share an apartment with a violinist and artistic project is the result of our creative work process and everyday life. The installation is the result of cooperation between two artists, a musician, and a visual artist, spending their time creatively.