Art = (wine + fuck)

Spatial installation, wine drawing, paper

Some galleries serve champagne with canapes, others wine or fine bottled water. Serving alcohol drinks at an opening event is quite commonplace in the world of art. Yet rarely does the gallery get sanctioned for it. Alcohol drinks are customarily provided to prospective customers for free. It’s just some kind of a social way of doing things. Visitors at the openings are served by a remarkably drinkable wine (many galleries serve wine with a taste you’d only expect to find in a bottle under the kitchen sink), but get it for a good price.

“History of art is the history of friendship”, as Gerhard Merz once said. Some artists who have no friends or very few of them, are usually not to be found on the art map or space. It’s a good thing that in recent times there are more cartographers to take this into their own hand.