One step ahead of the public

2013 / 2015
series colour photographs 7, each 30 x 20 cm, framed 40 x 50 cm, pencil, paper

At the time of my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, I worked as a journalist on the portal I made daily contributions in the field of visual culture and the public via photo galleries represented exhibitions and art, which was represented in Slovenia.

Because of the study schedule I came to the gallery before the exhibition was set to end. In the field, I also learned about the various employees artistic events, which are key to each exhibition can be opened. Each cleaner or employed had its own story and its own opinion on the exhibition, which was prepared for the opening. Series draws attention to the Constitution in the background. At the same time, the work is related to my end of journalism. At that time I learned about artists, gallerists, artists discovered new concepts and new artistic production in Slovenia. The failure I forced myself to look precarious work to spend myself and my art.

Private collection in Berlin.