Present through Absent

Ready made, textile object: metal, textiles foam, wood
Textile object size: 85 cm x 35 cm
Composition measurements: 720 cm x 670 cm x 80 cm

The installation is an answer to a system in which alternatives based on dedicated savings are being sought, without knowing and awareness of the cost of such. All construction of the health system infrastructure as well as other public sector has been halted. Only a helipad is being completed; that is why the hospital beds are placed on the roof of the institution of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. The work can also be identified-with socio-anthropologically, through archetypical features, in a political context, and especially in health subject matter…

The ambient composition illustrates the problem of figurative sculpting as it seeks to replicate a hospital room. The figure is suggestively presented and present, despite its physical absence. The pillows (or textile objects), carry a screen-printed coded message in binary code, which illustrates the thoughts, dreams and worries of anyone with hospital bed experience.